Darby Road and Baltimore Pike, 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

"Louis Walz Star Hotel" is the focus of this scene. It is a large, white two and one-half storey building with a balcony on three sides. It sits between two horsecar tracks, as on an island. "Lager Beer" is advertised on the building. A horsecar, #14, drawn by a pair, one white and one chestnut, is headed for "Woodland Cemetery." A man drives an open carriage. A man on horseback and several pedestrians, including two children are visible. A bucket, pump and horse trough are in front of the hotel. The trees are bare. In the background are two very large red brick buildings with mansard roofs. They appear to be too grand to be private homes and might be institutions.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.079


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