Northwest corner of Thirteenth and Callowhill Streets, 1880

View of "New Station" facing Callowhill Street. It is a large red brick building belonging to "Pennsylvania Railroad, The Shortest Middle Route." "Susquehanna, Cumberland & Lehigh Valley." To the far right is a barber shop with a barber's pole in front. Between that and the station is the railyard with one car visible, identified by "PRRR" on its side. There appears to be the ruin of a burned out building in the yard. There are also two attached 2 1/2-storey brown brick townhouses (businesses?) facing 13th Street. An awning frame stretches to curbside from these buildings. These buildings are tied together on both streets by a wooden fence. Horsecar tracks are laid on both streets and a horsecar marked "13 & 15, Baltimore" comes into the scene on the right. Telegraph poles and smokestacks are in the scene as are numerous pedestrian figures.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.080 /evans/lcp080.html
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