Southwest corner of Fifteenth and Race Streets, 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

The scene is dominated by three large 3 1/2-storey red brick buildings with green shutters on the upper stories. These are probably institutional buildings, but are not identified. They are surrounded by a high wrought iron fence. On the corner, facing Race Street, is a green wooden building, 2 1/2-stories high. It has two sets of double doors at the corner, facing both 15th Street and Race Street. A green wooden fence runs from this building at the rear on the 15th Street side. A horsecar for Vine Street drawn by a pair, one white and one black, is to the right. There are two different horsecar tracks which cross in the foreground. Numerous adult pedestrians are in the scene, as well as a single corner lamp post and several bare trees.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.081 /evans/lcp081.html
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