East side of Seventh Street below Arch Street, 1879

Once Second Presbyterian Church, torn down 1880; Rebuilt in 1881

Now (1883) occupied by Stores.

Seventh Street below Arch, Scipio Place, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Harry Enochs Varieties" is housed in the dominant building in this scene.It is a one-storey stone structure with three bays, the center bay open to the street. It is joined to a taller, classical-style white stone building which houses the body of the theater. Signboards advertise: "Grand Opera, H.M.S. Piano Four and Paddy Murphy." It was "Open Every Evening" and "Wednesday Friday Afternoons." "John Trace House Carpenter" and "Hughs & Phillips Box Makers" advertised on the corner of the building. A sign for "Scipio Place" is fixed on the side of the building. To the left of Enochs Varieties is a red brick building housing "G. T. Gabell's Plumbing Gas Fitting and Steam Fitting" business. Horsecar tracks run on Seventh Street. There are four attractive lamp posts in front of the theater. The scene includes several adults and juveniles.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.082


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