Southeast corner of Ninth and Filbert Streets, 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

The large red brick building on the corner, facing 9th Street, houses "J. M. Pepper Music & Title Engraving & Printing," as well as "E. McCalla & Son, Cloths, Cassimeres Vesting." Signs on the Filbert Street side of the building advertise "House Painting, Sign Painting and Glazing." An awning, installed to curbside protects the corner of this building. Other businesses in smaller buildings to the left continuing along Filbert Street are: #830 "Baggage Express;" "Brown Packing Boxes;" "P. Jordan Carpenter;" "A. Donley Cooper;" "Wm. Penn Sale & Drover Stable;" and "Cannons Wm. Penn Stable." A #5 horsecar rides along Filbert Street headed for 18th and 20th Streets. There is also track for horsecars on Ninth Street. Packing boxes are at curbside on Filbert. There are several adult pedestrians. In the background is the rose-colored silhouette of a massive unidentified building. Two unstrung telegraph poles line the brick sidewalk which has stone curbing.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.085 /evans/lcp085.html
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