Northeast corner of Fifteenth and Callowhill Streets, (Torn Down 1880) 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

Seven attached three-storey red brick buildings are central to this scene. The one at the left end houses a business which sells "Pure Liquors. Porter, Ale, Lager Beer." It has a "Private Entrance" in the back. The building at the far right end, which has an additional half storey sells "Feed." Horsecar tracks run on both streets; the #13 car comes from the left and the #31, from the right. There is also a closed passenger carriage in the scene and two open wagons with horses, one of them drinking at the trough. The second wagon is backed up to the brick sidewalk for loading or unloading. To the right is a one-storey building housing "Old Drivers Ice & Coal." Several adult pedestrian figures are in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.088 /evans/lcp088.html
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