General Patterson's Mansion- Southwest corner Thirteenth and Locust Street, Oct.1882

Thirteenth and Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

This view of an elegant neighborhood features the 13th Street side of General Patterson's house. A one-storey stone building is attached to the left side of the mansion. It is attached to a high stone wall (?) or a long, one-storey building. The trees at curbside bear brown leaves in this late autumn scene. Two horsecars are in the scene. One travels on 13th Street and 15th Street and originates at the Baltimore Depot. The other horsecar operates on 13th, 15th, and Locusts Streets. At the right margin of the scene is a massive unidentified three and one-half storey building.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.101 /evans/lcp101.html
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