Southwest corner Eighth and Sanson (sic) Street, 1882

Present site the McClures Times. Burnt down 1892.

Eighth and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

The central building in this view is "James McColgan's International Comedy Theatre" made of white stone, with a huge golden eagle and the United States flag atop it. It features two round gas lamps attached to the front wall, facing Sansom Street. Two broadsides stand curbside advertising "Grand Matinee Today." To the left of the theatre, on the corner, facing Eighth Street is a five-storey red brick building housing the "Sunday World, Madden Bros. Whines (sic) and Liquors and English Brown Stout." "E. Fizer Harness Maker" is advertised on the front wall. The next left building holds "C. Sauters' Furnishings Goods." Back on Sansom Street, to the right of the theatre is "Bergners Lager & Beer" and "Bancroft & Son Blacksmith." The #14 horsecar runs along Sansom Street. A green horsecar travels along 8th Street. Two telegraph poles are in the scene and numerous adult pedestrians.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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