Historical Society Rooms, 1882

Demolished 1893

South side of Spruce Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

A two-storey red building with Gothic windows at the second level is the exclusive feature of this scene. The words "Historical Society" are above the street-level entrance. The windows to either side of the door are protected with wrought iron grating. A high wrought iron fence encloses the park on either side of the structure. Two gas lamps are curbside. Grass, small evergreens and numerous deciduous trees in the early stage of leafing are visible. A weathervane is atop the building. In the background, probably on the adjacent street, are numerous four-storey townhouses. The Spruce and Pine Streets horsecar which travels between Grays Ferry and Fairmount enters the scene at the right. There are several adults in the scene and a newsboy hawking his papers.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.113


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