German Reformed Church, 1883

Corner of Hillsdale and Race Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

This massive red brick building with two sets of wooden double doors is protected in front by a high wrought iron fence and on the side by high red brick walls. Within the church yard is a sign: "This building will be occupied next month by J. Lucas & Co. Paints." There are several bare trees in the yard. There is a telegraph pole curbside. To the left, on the corner across Hillsdale Street is "Cramer & Small." To the right is a four-storey gray building with an outdoor fire escape where "C. Ceider" manufactures "segars." At the street level of the same building is "Grassmar Printers." A horsecar enters the scene to the right. It travels between Fairmount and the Exchange on Rase [Race] and Vine Streets.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
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