Northwest corner of Eleventh and Pine Streets, 1883

Demolished 1889, Present site of The Gladstone.

Eleventh and Pine Streets., Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left on Pine Street is the sign "Stove & Heater Manufacturer." Next right are "Birds." Several bird cages hang outside on display. Next is "Schriber, Tin & Sheet Iron Worker." The next building advertises "Segars." A red pillar (?) stands curbside advertising "Tobacco." The corner store is "M. Traynor Licensed Tavern and Oyster House." A wooden frame for an awning extends to the curb. This low wooden gray building also bears a sign on the 11th Street side: "This property for sale. C. H. Muirhead, 205 S. 2nd St." A red sign on the corner of the building advertises "Segars." Continuing around the corner, on 11th Street, "Lager Beer" is sold. Two horsecars come into view, the No. 3 which travels on 10th and 11th Streets, and the No. 4 which travels on Spruce and Pine Streets between Fairmount Park and Grays Ferry. Almost all of the adult figures in the scene are African-American.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
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