Northeast corner of Twelfth and Spruce Streets, 1883

Torn down 1886

Twelfth and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

A low, two-storey wooden building occupies the corner lot in this view. Segars are sold from it. To the right are two 3 1/2 storey townhouses with wrought iron railing on either side of the staircase. To the left on 12th Street, #265 houses "De Saville Painting, Glazing, Signs." Two doors to the left is "J. F. Land Carpenter & Builder." Housed in the same building is "Wood & Co. Stoves." Several stoves are displayed curbside. Two horsecars are in this scene. One travels along 12th and 16th Streets; the other along Spruce and Pine Streets. Ten adult pedestrians are visible.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.128 /evans/lcp128.html
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