Southeast corner of Fifteenth and Callowhill Streets, 1883

Fifteenth and Callowhill Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

This is entirely an industrial neighborhood. To the left in the largest building is the "T. S. Johnson Tool & Machine Works." Next right is "Ford & Kendig Plumbers Gas Fitters Supplies." The next smaller building is owned by "W. Miller," who serves wine and lager beer. He is neighbor to a barber who has a barber pole at curbside. On the corner is a low building which also sells lager beer. Around the corner and to the far right of the scene is a blacksmith and horse stable(?). Two horsecars enter the scene from opposite directions. One is owned by People Line and travels to Fairmount. The other travels on 13th and 15th Streets. A blue wagon holds bulky merchandise. There are eight pedestrians in this scene.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.130 /evans/plc130.html
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