Brown Street above 4th Street, 1884

North side, Three Doors West of Fourth Street

Brown Street at Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Three red brick buildings are viewed from the opposite side of Brown Street. To the left is a five-storey red brick building, a livery stable, with an entrance large enough for carriages. A carriage and horse are lightly sketched inside. Next right is a red brick building of smaller dimensions. It is the three and one-half storey Zoar M. E. Church. The stone above the third floor is inscribed: "Zoar M. E. Church, Founded 1791, Rebuilt 1838." The building carries a "For Sale" sign over the green front door. This was an African-American congregation. The church sits behind a low wrought iron fence. Next right is a substantial three-storey red brick building housing "C. W. Kramer's Light Carriage & Wagons." A workman in an apron stands at the door. There are three pedestrians; a gas lamp curbside; and several bare trees both in the churchyard and at the curb.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
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