Southwest corner of 11th & Market Streets, 1885

Eleventh and Market Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Numerous businesses are depicted in this scene of Market Street. Beginning at the left is "P. R. Hansbury Co." which sold "Fine Parlor & Chamber Suits" of furniture. Also sold were mattresses and bedding. In the next building goods sold included: "Glass and Window Glass;" "Harnesses and Saddles;" and "Drugs." A mortar and pestle are painted over the door. An "Umbrella Manufactory" is next. "Waterman Celebrated Bitters" are sold in J. W. Ramson's store. Bates Furniture Wareroom is housed in #1108. Klein Brothers sold "Fine Clothing." "Seed, Implements and Grass Seed" were in the next building to the right. Then came "Dickerson's Heaters, Stoves and Ranges." This was followed by "Boughton Wood Carpenter". The "Great Atlantic Tea Company, Import and Retail," followed. "Forest and Ely" sold seeds and grass seed from #1122. Last, "Aaron's" sold "Men's Clothing." A Market Street horsecar, destination West Philadelphia, is in view. A horsecar that travelled on Tenth and Eleventh Streets is to the left. Several business wagons are tied up curbside. There are also several pedestrians.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
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