Old Tabernacle or Assembly Church, Ranstead Court, undated

The First Sancituary(sic) of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. Erected A. D. 1804-06.

In this building occured the Historic Division of the Presbyterian Church into The Old School, and New School. A. D. 1837.

Ranstead Court, Philadelphia, Pa.

A single massive red brick building is the focus of this scene. No neighboring buildings or landscape are depicted. One of the front doors is open and there are seven people in the scene approaching the church. Two gravestones are upright at either side of the door. There are nine gravestones on the ground in a row on the front lawn. There is a gravel path leading to the church and around the church. Several small trees or shrubs are on the path and along the church wall.

Under the title is also written: Afterwards site of Eastern Market. The Eastern Market demolished 1893 for the Bourse.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.149


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