Sedgeley (Seat of William Cramond), 1888

On the Schuylkill River, seat of William Cramond, afterwards of James C. Fisher. Latrobe was the architect. The house was burnt some years ago. The grounds now forms the northern part of old Fairmount Park and was deeded to the park by F. J. Dreer.

As it looked in 1856.

Fairmount Park, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pa.

This scene features a 2-1/2 storey tan, red roofed home with porticos on both sides of the house. Each corner features an open tower-like structure reaching to the second floor. The house is sited on landscaped grounds on a rise above the river which is to the left. A solitary male figure sits on a bench on the lawn. A gravel path surrounds the house. The trees are in full leaf and include a weeping willow.

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