Second Street below Chestnut Street

Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left is the 3 1/2-storey tan City Tavern with its metal awning stretched out to the curb. Numerous soldiers in colonial army uniforms stand outside. To the right across the narrow alley and stretching to the next alley is a high wooden fence enclosing a wooded plot. Next is a red brick three-storey townhouse. A woman stands on the sidewalk in front of the townhouse talking to a man pushing a green wheelbarrow. Three hitching posts are on the other side of the street. A horse and wagon enter the scene from the alley as a woman with her shopping basket passes.

Copied from copy in Bement Collection by J. M. K. 1896. Compare with P.8933.2.

Compare with P. 8933.2 (Bank of Pennsylvania)

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.8933.1 /evans/lcp331.html
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