Southeast corner of Chestnut and Seventh Streets, undated

As it looked in 1851.

Chestnut and Seventh Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

This watercolor is in gray and white tones only. It features the five-storey building housing "P. T. Barnum's Museum" and "C. D. Walker Pianos." The United States flag flies from the building. Two posters advertise Barnum's "Living Skeleton," the fat lady, and a seal. At sidewalk level, two sandwich boards also advertise the museum. There is an attractive 2 1/2-storey townhouse to the left of the museum with a walled yard between them. There are about 20 adults on the sidewalk.

Copied from copy in Bement Collection, by J. M. K. 1896.

Compare with P.2298.001 (Barnum's Musuem)

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.8933.4 /evans/lcp334.html
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