Southwest corner of Eighth and Chestnut Streets, 1851

The corner building, facing Chestnut St., holds the business of H. Hooker & Co. It offers "stationary" (sic); and books. It is #200. The next building, #202, houses Murphy & Billmyers House Furnishing, Hardware and Warerooms. At #204 is W. J. Horstman with "Fringes, Gimps, Buttons." Building #204 1/2 appears to be empty. The next store has the name "Everest" over the door and display window. The adjacent building has no decipherable designation and the last building to the right of the painting has "Le Boutillier Bro." over the doorway, and "Fancy Dry Goods" near the roof. A yellow, two-horse trolley is on Chestnut Street. It has red wheels. Painted in red letters are the words "Girard College," 10th & Chestnut," "Exchange," and "J. Peter." There is a two-horse coach with two drivers on the left. There is a whip and they are covered with a lap robe. There are three couples in this scene, 3 unescorted women, and 7 men. Crosswalks and curbing are installed. P.2298.004

Drawn for Ferdinand J. Dreer, 1851.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.004 /evans/lcp004.html
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