Chestnut Street, North Side, commencing first house West of Broad Street, 1879

There are two four story townhouses to the left. The steps have wrought iron railings. The windows have shutters, some of which are closed. The third property , #1413, has three stories, and houses the business of "Dr. James Glass, Maker of Family and Office Batteries." The street level floor houses a music store called Orguinette Co.Awning supports are installed, but the awning is not in place. Next is the business of J. F.. Roller & Son, French boots. A blue and white striped awning covers Roller's sidewalk. All the shutters of this building are closed. Next is #1409 which houses "Richard Eayres, Improved Pattern Hand Made Shirts," and "Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods." The adjacent store, #1407 houses "DAY from H Pool London." Both stores have small awnings out. The next building has the name "E. C. Potts Tobacconist" painted on his awning.There are 15 human figures in this building. The Chestnut Street trolley tracks are in view.

Drawn for Ferdinand J. Dreer, 1851.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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