East Side of Broad Street, Callowhill to Wood Sts., Nov. 1878

Philadelphia, Pa.

There are two three-story buildings. They house the G. Wenzler Carriage Factory and a wine and lager buisiness. There is an "Eating house" to the rear. There is a row of one-story buildings to the left covered with advertisements for "The Great New York Novelty Company, Barry and Kendel and The Walnut Street Theater.There is a sign for the New Central Bazaar and Ditmar Stocks & Co. There might also be a stable among these low buildings as there is a man leading an unsaddled horse down an opening between them. One sees a man, whip in hand, driving two horses from a carriage. There are five other male figures in the painting. Three telegraph poles appear in the scene.

Drawn for Ferdinand J. Dreer, 1851.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.011


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