Nelson House, 1880

Northwest Corner Broad and Callowhill Streets (Torn Down April 1880).

The central feature is a "Hotel Restaurant & Coffee House." Dining Room and Bar Room are separate. "Meals At All Hours." "Oysters." A decorative wrought iron balcony is at the second floor level. In addition to the shuttered windows, there are three porthole windows. In the background is the Baldwin Locomotive Works. A flagman is directing a locomotive. There is also a boxcar in the yard. Two sets of trolley tracks are being used by two yellow trolleys going in opposite directions. Wording on one is: "Fairmount," Vine St. Ferry," and "Callowhill." Each is pulled by two horses driven by a man w/a whip. Crossing the tracks is a closed coach w/2 side lamps pulled by two horses. There is a smaller two-wheeled, one-horse vehicle w/an open hood. A pedestrian is helping the driver control the horse. To the left of the hotel are one-story, small offices, primarily of coal businesses. Visible names are "Branson Coal Depot," "J. Galbrath White Ash,: "Henry & Escher Lehigh Coal," "James Neil ." There is also a telegraph office and tobacco and segar store. There are 2 telegraph poles of different heights and a gas lamp on the corner. There are several adult figures and two children. P.2298.013


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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