Southwest corner of Broad and Vine Streets, Nov. 1878

Philadelphia, Pa.

The prominent feature is the corner building housing "Josiah Bryan & Co., Doors, Shutters, Sash." Also advertised are "Window Frames," and "Mouldings." The building bears the numbers 258 and 260. The name R. J. Riddle & Co. is carved at the roof level. To the left in the next building is a business owned by "Worley & James." Next left are #250 and #252, "L. Knowles & Co. Flour." There is also painted below are the words "Hops" and "Salt." A covered wagon with horse stands at the curb. The words, "To Hire," are painted on the side. Four adult figures are in the scene and two children. The Vine Street trolley tracks are in view, as is a telegaph pole.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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