Southeast corner of Broad and Cherry Streets, Dec. 1878

Offenbach's Garden 1876; Carriage depository or Bazarr (sic) 1881; Torn down 1892-Odd Fellows Hall 1893.

A single building dominates this painting. The awning facing Broad Street advertises "Doyle Nichols & Cooper, Horse and Carriage Bazaar, Auction Sales Mon, Tues." To the right is another awning advertising "Key West Segars." There is a poster for the Chestnut Theatre applied the the front of the building. A black sign to the left reads, "Bazaar Hotel and Sample Room Ale." A sign on the Cherry Street side of the building advertises " Bazaar Restaurant Sample Room Beer." There are two male pedestrians on the sidewalk, and a gentleman in a top hat riding his horse. Two gas lamps are in evidence.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.026 /evans/lcp026.html
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