Broad Street above Arch Street, west side, Nov. 1878

Philadelphia, Pa.

First Babtist (sic) Church. The words "Academy of Fine Arts" are written to the far right below a limited view of that building.

A partial view of the church is to the left. Dominating the painting is "W. C. Coup's Eques. Curriculum." A sign affixed to the building over the entrance advertises "The Wonderful Bronchos(sic)." At street level pasted across the width of the building are yellow signs advertising "W. C. Coups, Newest Show on Earth. The posters depict a clown, the circus ring, a giraffe and a lion. There is a newsboy, a couple, and four men on the sidewalk. There is also a single woman. A carriage with driver and two horses stands in front of the building. To the far right is a limited view of the Academy of Fine Arts.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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