Southeast corner of Broad Street and South Penn Square, 1881

Philadelphia, Pa.

Rev. Lord's Church remodeled 1885. Torn down 1892 for the erection of Betz Building. The words "U. S. Mint" are printed under a distant view of that building.

The dominant building is the large, Greek-style building w/a very grand entrance portico facing Broad Street. The building is surrounding by a high wrought iron fence. Behind this building, facing South Penn Square is the U. S. Mint. In the distance is Wanamakers which advdertises "General Dry Goods" on the side of its building. There is a yellow Market Street #2 trolley pulled by two horses moving along its tracks. In the distance to the far left is a covered wagon, probably a delivery wagon. There are seven adult figures in the painting.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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