Broad Street -- Continuation , 1884

Opposite Old Baltimore Depot to Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Continuation of Broad St. Opposite Old Baltimore Depot to Washington Avenue. 1884 Broad Street, near Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. This scene is a continualtion of that in P.2298.32. To the left of this street scene is a partial view of the Union Hotel advertising "Dining Room." Next right is a one-storey building advertising "Baggage, Peoples Express." This is followed by "The Largest Dry Good House," also captioned "Grand Depot." Next right is a two-stroey building with "Wait for Barnum" painted across the windows. Next right is #1025, "M. W. Crowley, Dealer in Fine Old Rye Wheat Bourbon Whiskey." Next is a small, one-storey building which is not identified, followed by a fence covered with posters advertising "Wait For Barnum, Only White Elephant," and "Yates Fine Clothing."

To the right is horse trolley headed for the Navy Yard. There are about 12 human figures in this scene.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.033 /evans/lcp033.html
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