Merchants Hotel, 1840

North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

This is a very busy street scene. The five-storey, white Merchants Hotel is to the right. It features a second-floor porch, whereon five adult figures are standing. A yellow carriage and pair are in front of the hotel. Near the hotel a man carries a trunk on his back.

Next to the hotel, on the left in #32, J. W. Gibbs & Co. conduct an unknown business. In #30, Hogan & Thompson sell Books and stationary(sic). In #28 is Trotters dry goods business. H. Duhring conducts his business out of #22.

Almost all of the buildings have awnings at sidewalk level. There are several horses and men hauling items manually or in a wagon. One man pushes a wheelbarrow. There is also a dog in the scene.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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