North side of Chestnut Street, Extending from Sixth to Seventh Street, 1851

Philadelphia, Pa.

Several business are identified in this scene. Beginning at the left, the viewer sees "A. Smith, Druggist." Next right is "Mahan Philadelphia Fashion." This is followed by L. Benkert Boot Store in # 209. Columbia House, a hotel(?), is a large building which also houses "Ferguson & Bro." and E. G. Dorsey, Tailor.""Dr. Jaynes Phila. Arcade" houses Dr. Davidsons Arcade Baths. This wide building is followed by the narrow "Bolivar House," a hotel(?). A handsome, wide white building follows. It is not identified but could be a theatre. The corner building houses Bloods Dispatch(a delivery service?), and Schenks Pulmonic Syrup.

A man runs to catch the yellow 10th Street trolley. There is a passenger coach and pair and an open delivery wagon drawn by a team of two horses. There are many, many pedestrians in the scene, including a newsboy.


Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.044 /evans/lcp044.html
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