Lemon Hill Mansion, 1857


Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

This is a very brightly colored scene of visitors to the Lemon Hill property which was the site of concerts at one time. The visitors are seated at picnic tables and drinking beverages served by a man wearing a long white apron. The men, women and children in the scene are dressed as ladies and gentlemen; this is not a rowdy crowd. The trees to the left have circular wooden bench seats built around them. In the distance, to the right, are additional free-standing benches to accommodate visitors to the park. Central to the scene is the magnificent, three-storey mansion with the words "Lemon Hill" painted on the half-round side between the second and third floors. Facing the viewer is a covered porch at the level of the lawn, with a ballustrade above it. At the left side of the building is a second-storey porch, over a wing to the main building, and a third storey, unroofed porch above that. The windows of the third floor are open, as are the windows at street level. However, the windows of the second storey are covered by their bright green shutters. The trees in the scene are in full leaf; the green grass is long. This is a delightful summer scene.

Drawn for Ferdinand J. Dreer, 1851.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number:P.2298.46


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