University Buildings and Stores, 1873

Ninth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Two very handsome white stone, four-storey buildings with similar facades sporting pilasters and fan lights are behind a high wrought iron fence in a red brick(?) courtyard. Two entrances to the courtyard are visible and a third which is closed by two green doors. To the right is a one-storey building with an awning to the edge of the sidewalk housing JP. LA. Maistre's White Oak Bark Candy. The store also has walnuts, tobacco and segars. The store window further identifies the business as a confectionery. Outside numerous barrels support a table displaying piles of a red item unidentifiable. There is a yellow poster advertising a circus. In the street a closed passenger coach with two horse is driven by a coachman with whip. There appears to be a cab stand as three closed carriages, each with two horses, stand at curbside. There are a total of 12 adult figures in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.057 /evans/lcp057.html
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