Candy Row, 1874

Pennsylvania Ave., above Twenty-fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

The scene shows a row of ten wooden(?) attached buildings across the street from a broad rail yard. The U.S. flag flies from the roof. The buildings carry signs for "J. Denby, Car Weaver," "J. Rostrum Importer of Common and Fancy Piegons(sic)"; "Agent for Inman Lines," and "J. Hart Tinman." A single box car in the railyard is identified "P & R, 922, Reading RR, 2298." A signalman waves a red flag. There are ten(?) additional figures in the scene.A horse trolley run on Green Street to the far right. There is also a business advertising "Lager Beer."

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.065 /evans/lcp065.html
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