Northwest corner of Thirteenth and Callowhill Streets, 1880

"New Station" faces Callowhill St. It is a large red brick building belonging to "Pennsylvania Railroad, The Shortest Middle Route." "Susquhanna, Cumberland & Lehigh Valley." To the far right is a barber shop with barber's pole in front. Between that and the station is the railyard which one car visible, identified by "PRRR" on its side. There appears to be the ruin of a burned out building in the yard. There are also two attached 2 1/2 storey brown brick townhouses (businesses?)facing 13 St. An awning frame stretches to curbside from these buildings. These buildings are tied together on both streets by a wooden fence. Trolley tracks are laid on both streets and a trolley marked "13 & 15, Baltimore" comes into the scene on the right. Telegraph poles and smokestacks are in the scene as are numerous pedestrian figures.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.080 /evans/lcp080.html
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