Southwest corner of Sixth and Arch Streets, (Demolished 1885) March 1879

Sixth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

A 3 1/2 storey red brick building, facing Arch St., houses Lipps & Fulweiler Segar Manufactory. The building also hold Gleason's Ready Made Show Cards, Ready Made Signs, Awning Wings, Curtains and Oil Cloth Signs." A wooden Indian stands by the door on Sixth Street. A large sign on the side of the building advertises "Our Brand, The Corner Havana Segars 5 cents." Alson on the Sixth St. side is a Fruit Stand protected by an awning reacing to curbside. Continuing to the left, along Sixth St. is a low, two-storey red brick building housing several businesses. There are a barber, w/barber pole; M. Romer Mens Furnishing Goods, Shirts Made to Order, Sign Painting, Flags and Banners, Awnings, and an Aquarium. In the background is a very tall building holding "Rodgers Printer." Trolley tracks run on both streets.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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