Southeast corner of Ninth and Filbert Streets, 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

The large red brick building on the corner, facing 9th St., houses J. M. Pepper Music & Title Engraving & Printing, as well as E. McCalla & Son, Cloths, Cassimeres Vesting. Signs on the Filbert St. side of the building advertise House Painting, Sign Painting and Glazing. A awning, installed to curbside protects the corner of this building. Other businesses in smaller buildings to the left continuing along Filbert Street are: #830 Baggage Express; Brown Packing Boxes; P. Jordan Carpenter; A. Donley Cooper; Wm. Penn Sale & Drover Stable; and Cannons Wm. Penn Stable. A #5 trolley rides along Filbert St. headed for 18th & 20th Sts. There is also a trolley track on Ninth Street. Packing boxes are at curbside on Filbert. There are several adult pedestrian figures.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.085 /evans/lcp085.html
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