Northeast corner of Thirty-third and Chestnut Streets, 1880

Philadlephia, Pa.

Former Residence of Jos. Keen. Present site of Drexel Institute.

The home of Mr. Keen was 3 1/2 stories and appears to have been a townhouse which has been altered with several additions. The lower level is a place of business with several barrels out front. They are protected by a partially installed awning. Above that is a porch across the full width of the front. The addition to the west side has gothic windows on the 2nd and 3rd levels which shutters are closed. An identical wing seems to have been added to the right side of the building. This is a wooden(?) building. To the right are two large glass hothouses behind a wooden fence. The front of the house faces Chestnut Street. There is a wooded fence on Thirty-third Street. A yellow trolley runs along 33rd St. It is marked Lancaster Road and Chestnut and Walnut. All but one of the trees in the scene bear their leaves. There are several adult pedestrian figures in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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