Northwest corner of Eighth and Arch Streets, 1882

Eighth and Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rush House is to the left in a four storey red brick building. The proprietor is H. P. Reed. The next building made of white blocks does not advertise its business. The corner building bears this sign, "This old landmark to come down, It's no use. Down she comes July 1." The awnings on this edifice advertise Woods Popular Trimming Store. Going around the corner, onto Eighth Street one encounters Hollanders Human Hair Store. Next is T. O. Fulmer, and last, Mark's. Two trolley's are in the scene, the Arch St. vehicle operating between Fairmount and the wharf; and #14 on Eighth St. heading for Fairmount. There are two handsome closed passenger carriages outside the human hair store.There are many pedestrian figures. The one action person is a newsboy running to passersby waving a paper.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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