South side of Market Street above Eighth Street, March 1880

Philadelphia, Pa.

Beginning at the left, G. O. Kelley & Co. is housed in a four storey red building. This is a furniture and dry goods store. A picture of a dresser with mirror is painted on the wall to the right of the entrance. The next building, the same height but divided into five stories, is Allegheny House. It holds the Climax Folding Bed business and an unnamed Hair Dressing shop. The numbers of these business are painted below the lower margin and are #812 and #814. Next are three businesses housed in a 3 1/2 storey building with a common roof. One is a shirt manufactory. A blue banner advertising "Special Brewing All Brown Stout" is fixed to the front of the building and extends to a pole at curbside. Next is Lutz & Crother which has men's clothing in the showcase window. At the second storey level is a sign advertising "Show Cards." The third establishment, #820, houses "Park Boots & Shoes, Ladies, Girls & Children's Shoe Emporium."The five storey Commercial Hotel is next right. At street level, housed to the left side is S. Aaron Clothing in the Commercial Clothing Hall. This advertisement is on the sides of the awning which covers the sidewalk to the curb. To the right is the Ladies Entrance to the hotel. At the right margin of the picture is a 3 1/2 storey Tobacco & (not in view) Manufactory.A closed delivery wagon rides the tracks going in one direction; an open flatbed wagon with a load of merchandise rides the tracks going in the opposite direction. A Haddington horse trolley, which route includes West Philadelphia and the Market St. Ferry, is also in the scene. At curbside are 3 other horse-drawn vehicles. One is an open delivery wagon; a second is a closed passenger coach, and the third is an open vehicle. There is also a man pushing a loaded handcart. There are several human figures in this scene. Some are workmen, some passersby, most adult and some children. Two telegraph poles are in view.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.096 /evans/lcp096.html
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