Northside of Market Street between Juniper and Thirteenth Streets, 1880

Market Street between Juniper and Thirtteenth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

To the left is a mostly obscured building. It appears to advertise "Thorndike Liquors." Next is a 3 1/2 storey edifice, #1321, housing H. C. Elder Hardward, including nails and tools. A ladder and scissors grinder wheel stand at curbside. Next is a 2 1/2 storey Soap & Candle Manufactory owned by Mr. Dallet. The building carries a For Sale sign at the second storey. Next is a wooden 1 1/2 storey wooden building which purpose is not identified. This is adjacent to a two-storey building selling or making segars. A wooden Indian is at the door. This is followed by a 1 1/2 storey wooded building advertised as the Great Western Hotel Barber Shop. A red and white barber's pole is at curbside. Next right is the Great West Hotel, a 4 1/2 storey building featuring an awning, which frame crosses the entire breadth of the front of the building, extends to curbside. The awning covers the frame half-way. Blue and white striped awnings shade the six second storey windows. The last building to the right is the Louis Presti___ Piano W___ business. A passenger trolley rides the tracks. It is operated by the Heston___ Co.; its destination is West Philadelphia via Market St. There are a telegraph pole and a street light in the scene. The bottom of the telegraph pole is adorned with red and white barber pole stripes.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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