Blue Bell Tavern, May 1880

Paschalville-Darby Road, Philadelphia, Pa.

Kept for many years by Charlie Lloyd.

A 3 1/2 storey white building is the focus of this scene. It bears a sign with a large blue bell on it and the words "To Suffolk Park, Russell." A Paschalville-Darby Road horse trolley travels one of two sets of tracks in front of the tavern. To the right of the tavern is a hitching post with a man in a red shirt tending a horse with a feed bag. There is another, higher hitching post to which is tethered a passenger coach. Two men lounge under the tavern's first floor roof which extends over the sidewalk.To the right a female pedestrian passes a second wooden and stone building. In the background the willow trees and other trees are in full leaf.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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