Old Church- Northwest corner of Eleventh and Wood Streets, 1881

Built for Rev. Stockton. Seven or eight years ago opened as a Variety Theatre closed by the Mayor as immoral. First Sunday Morning Breakfast Association rooms. Now Salvation Army.

Eleventh and Wood Streets, Philadelphia, Pa

A gray classically styled building with a double staircase leading to a porch now closed off by red and yellow panels faces Eleventh St. Three rear windows, on Wood St. are boarded up. Three other windows have broken panes. At street level on the Wood Street side a wooden enclosure has been installed. It bears a sign for the Salvation Army next to an open door. It also serves to hold posters, one of which advertises the Can-Can. To the rear of the S. A. building, on Wood St. is a smaller building housing Bates Carpenter Builder. To the right of the S. A. building are two townhouses, one bearing a sign for Carlton St. which separates it from the S. A. edifice. A horse trolley, operated by the Citizen Line, bears the number 10 and travels on Tenth and Eleventh Sts. There are ten adult pedestrians in the scene in addition to those on the trolley.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.099


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