General Patterson's House, Oct. 1882


Southwest corner of Thirteenth & Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Gen. Patterson's house is a very grand 2 1/2 storey mansion with attached hothouse. It is fronted by a low wrought-iron(?) latticed fence which changes to a low stone fence extending a great distance to the corner and around the corner. The house is far left of center. It faces Locust St. To its left are two other massive fuilding, not identifiable. A single set of trolley tracks travels along Locust St. A yellow trolley, marked 13 & 15 Street is on the tgracks. Traveling from the opposite direction is a closed passenger coach with match white horses. A carriage stepping stone and fire hydrant(?) are at curbside. Nine pedestrians, male and female, are in view. It is Autumn. The many trees have brown leaves.This is an elegant scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.100 /evans/lcp100.html
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