Northwest corner of Twenty first and Market Streets, 1881

Twenty first and Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.

The building housing Bradleys Great Western Market anchors this scene. It is a wide white wooden building, with six high, wide double doors spaced across the front. A tin corrugated roof shelters the sidewalk to curbside. There are barrels and wooden crates on the sidewalk. A green wagon is loaded with crates and sits perpendicular to the curb. To the left of the market is Conley's Ice Cream Saloon. Public and private parties and balls can be held there. Oysters and dinners are also served. Conley's also features an Ice Cream Garden. The wooden fence surrounding the garden advertises a newspaper "All News, The Times." The street in front of these buildings shows four sets of rails. There is a blue boxcar belonging to the P. P. W. & C. R. R. Three horse trolleys are passing by. #2 travels on Market St. #18 is housed at the New York Depot and travels to the Market St. Ferry. An open wagon operated by the Adams Express is carrying merchandise. There is a closed passenger carriage. This is a very busy scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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