Dutch Reformed Church, (Demolished 1881) 1881

Last service in this Church Feb. 27, 1881

Northeast corner of Tenth and Filbert Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

A massive gray classical building faces Tenth St. It is surrounded by a high wrought iron fence with stone pillars surmounted by four gas lamps at the gates. To the left, continuing along Tenth St., is a 3-storey building housing a House Painting business; Eakins Gold Foil which might have been a dental supply business. On the side of the building is painted "C. E. Blumner & Co., Fresco and Ornamental Painting. Scrip Lettering, Glazing, Calcimining." Behind the church, on Filbert Street in #929, is Toy Bros. Plumbing. "Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter, Lead, Iron and Terra Cotta Pipe" were also advertised. The adjacent building housed C. Lippincott Soda Fountain. There is a single set of trolley tracks on each St. The Filbert St. trolley operates along 18th & 20 Sts. The Tenth St. trolley also runs on Eleventh St. There are three adult pedestrians in this scene and a large tree w/no leaves.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.106


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