Trinity Methodist Church, 1881

Last Religious Service and Love feast Monday evening March 7, 1881 (Torn down 1881)

East side of Eighth above Race Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

A massive gray stong building with classical columns sits behind a high wrought iron fence. Three doors give entry at street level. To the right is a red brick townhome. Next to that is a four storey building housing C. Ernest Manufactory of ivory goods. "Station____" is also advertised on the awning which reaches to the curb over the sidewalk. To the left of the church in #219 is B. A. Smith Carpets and Furniture Warerooms. Weekly or monthly payments are allowed. A #13 trolley, headquartered at the Germantown Depot and traversing Green St. passes in view. Over 40 human figures, adult and juvenile are in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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