Southeast corner of Twelfth and Race Streets, 1883

Twelfth and Race Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Beginning at the right hand building is a large red brick building facing Race Street. Its windows and sidewalk awning advertise "Ice Cream" and "Confectionary." Next left, also on Race Street, is a smaller building advertising "Bottois Confectionary, Wholesale & Retail." Continuing left along Race Street is "J. Taylor Carpenter," and "Furniture." His wares are displayed curbside: dresser with mirror, a gentleman's chest of drawers, a green chaise longue, two side chairs, a small rocker, and a washstand. "Milk" and "Oysters" are sold in the next establishment. S. Frappel sells Lager Beer in the next store. This is followed by C. H. Kendrick's "Boarding & Livery" stable. This building also advertises "Kendricks Bazaar." An unhorsed open carriage sits on the sidewalk. Two trolleys are in the scene: one travels "Race & Vine." The second travels 12th & 16th Sts. A lamppost is at the corner. This is a Winter scene. The tree to left is bare of leaves. Five pedestrians are in view.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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