Southeast corner of Seventh and Callowhill Streets, 1883

Seventh and Callowhill Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

In the center of the scene is a low gray shed(?) trimmed with white. This appears to be the terminus for the #8 Callowhill St. trolley. One sees the trolley tracks curve around the end of this building. Passengers appear to be waiting for a trolley. There is a man in a red shirt pushing a loaded handcart. To the left the corner building houses "Sensman & Son Printers." At the street level of the same building is "N. Ferree Lightner Coal."On the other side of the trolley barn, on the corner, is "FAmily Grocery" which offers "Choice Tea." Farther along Callowhill St. a painter has his business in #632. There are numerous adult in this scene and two trolleys. Three of the females are carrying their shopping baskets.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.119 /evans/lcp119.html
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