Northeast corner of Fifth and South Streets, 1883

Torn down 1883; Store on Corner

Fifth and South Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

A three storey gray building is the focus of this scene. It has a second storey balcony. At street level the front yard is enclosed by a green picket fence. A cabinet maker might be housed here. To the left is a wood fence with theater posters on it and a sign "Brink & Black, 513, Sign & Carriage Painters." There are two wagons behind the fence, presumably being painted. To the right of the gray building is a "Photographer" who has displayed numerous photos(cartes de visite) in front. A trolley travels on Fifth and Sixth Streets between Kensington and Frankford. The handsome red brick building to the far left houses an unnamed undertaker. All trees in the scene are leafless.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.127 /evans/lcp127.html
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