Southeast corner of Fifteenth and Callowhill Streets, 1883

Fifteenth and Callowhill Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

This is entirely a industrial neighborhood. To the left in the largest building is the T. S. Johnson Tool & Machine Works. Next right is Ford & Kendig Plumbers Gas Fitters Supplies. The next smaller building is owned by W. Miller, who serves wine and lager beer. He is neighbor to a barber who has a barber pole at curbside. On the corner is a low building which also sells lager beer. Around the corner and to the far right of the scene is a blacksmith and horse Stable(?). Two trolleys enter the scene from opposite directions. One is owned by People Line and travels to Fairmount. The other travels on 13th and 15th Sts. A blue wagon holds bulky merchandise. There are eight pedestrians in this scene.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.130 /evans/plc130.html
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